FLORA Artist Painter
FLORA Painter
FLORA poet
Certificates and Disctinctions
Socio Onorario - Nomination - 2009 Socio Onorario - Nomination - 2009
FLORA Member Emeritus as Maestro, Associazione Italia in Arte.
Accademia Internazionale d'Arte Moderna - 2009 Accademia Internazionale d'Arte Moderna - 2009
Trofeo Internazionale « Medusa Aurea », given by the International Contemporary Art Academy of Roma. Aristic merit.
Prix Michelangelo Buenarroti - 2008 Remise du Prix Michelangelo Buenarroti  2008 Prix Michelangelo Buenarroti 2008
Internazionale Art Awards 2008. Premio Internazionale « MICHELANGELO Buonarroti 2008 », high recognition given to FLORA. As Maestro Internazionale 2008, one painter by country was being given this prestigious prize (FLORA for France) by the President, Signor Dario Chiavarini, in the presence of numerous and prestigious well-know figures from the art, science, literature and show world. In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Sixtine Chapels work, Roma (1508-1512).
Human Rights - 2008 Human Rights - 2008
Prize « DIRITTI UNMANI » given to FLORA by the Chairmanship of Italia in Arte, as Maestro Internazionale of contemporary painting, in recognition of the influence and the open-mindedness towards peoples, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Human Rights Charter, signed in New-York in 1948.
Prix international Cosimo I - 2007 Prix international Cosimo I - 2007
FLORA Great Prize « Mediceo Cosimo Ier 2007 », Honorary Qualification « Augustus Artis », given by the Academia Araldica Internazionale « il Marzocco » (Academia Belle Arte-Lettere-Scienze, Livorno). Prize and qualification for her whole art, painting and poetry.
Médaille de bronze arts-sciences-lettres Médaille de bronze arts-sciences-lettres - 1999
Official giving of the Certificate and the Bronze Medal of the Société Académique « Arts-Sciences-Lettres », to FLORA, headed by the ’Académie Française. Mdaille de bronze arts-sciences-lettres - 1999
Acadmicien Associ - 1996 Chevalier Académique - section art - 1999
FLORA Chevalier Acadmique in the Ordine Accademico Internazionale « Greci-Marino », « Arts » section, as a painter and a poet.
Grand prix d'art contemporain - 1997 Grand prix d'art contemporain - 1997
« Art et Poésie » Festival of the Socit des Potes et artistes de France. FLORA gets the Grand Prix des Arts Contemporains 1997. President of honor of the Jury : Charles Le Quinec.
Acadmicien Associ - 1996 Académicien Associé - 1996
FLORA Associated academician, « Arts » section of the Academia Internazionale « Greci-Marino » literature-art-science, because of the development of her art activity.
Meilleur artiste de France - 1995 Meilleur artiste de France - 1995
FLORA Gold Medal, Certificate of honor, marked out as Meilleur Artiste de France 1995 by the Acadmie Culturelle Internationale des Arts Plastiques des Artistes de France, during the Official Competition as « Meilleur Artiste de France ».
Mrite espagnol - 1994 Toulouse-Hispania - 1994 Mérite espagnol - 1994
FLORAs First Prize of the salon International Toulouse-Hispania in 1994, Gold Medal, raisen to the rank of MERITO HISPANICO, given by the General consul of Spain.
Croix d'argent mrite et dvouement Franais - 1993 Croix d'argent du mérite et du dévouement Français - 1993
given to FLORA by Jacques HABLOT, in 1993, for her contribution to Frances prestige, as far as culture is concerned and in the field of art and literature.
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