FLORA Artist Painter
FLORA Painter
FLORA poet
FLORA FLORA, painter, poet

Lives and works in the Toulouse region.

Creator of the relief technique defined by the generic term Cosmogologie , Flora theorizes her work as a painter, and asserts it in a method (work notebooks). In resonance with her paintings, Flora writes her texts, poems, legends, quotations and gives them away in a Poetic and philosophical thought.
She says:
« In the expressive sensitivity of my Being, Painting and Poetry are linked together. From this union comes the art, which I entrust to the viewing and the listening of the witness. »

FLORAs pictorial studies become rooted in reflections about the world, its origins, its evolution
Filled by an amazing chromatic power, FLORAs art must be read as the poetic tales.

Put down on canvas in puffy hints, matter becomes art.
The result, unique, is mentioning the Time questionwhich has for theory Unity and its Multiples, « this Whole and these Little things created and hold by the universe » (En-quête microcosmique, FLORA 2001).

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FLORA art critic

Tout comme l´toile au ciel suspendue - 100x81cm - FLORA© My myths, My legends

« In the visual of my paintings I show the spirituality that nature gives to my questioning in order to melt, in the invisible light that my conscious thoughts are offering, the magical links binding the Earth to infinity. Pictures, reflections of an inspiring presence, tell about pieces of life, thus giving sense to what is not depending on me in the writing of my myths, of my legends. »

Texte FLORA©, 2006.

« Tout comme l’étoile au ciel suspendue »
Acrylic on canvas 100 x 81 cm Technique originale FLORA ©ADAGP

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